Floundering around in Tasmania
Kelly Hunt

Jarvis Wall knows how to land these stonkers from the stones.

It’s July and it’s cold – damn cold. The state has shut down to a certain degree as the weather makes life go from hard to real hard. This doesn’t mean that we have to run the white flag up and completely give up. While July has a bit of a bet on with June about who is the coldest and most miserable, we can take comfort in the fact that daylight hours are increasing. They will continue to do so until October 1.

While we are in the darkness of winter we will talk about the pastime of floundering where we can put all this darkness to good use. This month we will also be talking about the battles we can have with certain species here in Tasmania in July.


It’s not all doom and gloom in Tasmania at this time of year. There are some shining lights. One such species is the revered stripy trumpeter. These fish are sensational eating and when captured yield a good amount of useable eating flesh from their frames. When they appear from the depth as a shimmering golden nugget there are normally hoots of happiness and excitement.

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