Gear up and get out there
Angus James

The first half of the year is done and dusted. I hope everyone has had the chance to make some great memories for the first part of the year and is ready for a cracker next half on the fishing front!

The cooler weather has well and truly set in up here in the tropical north. The fishing is still red hot with plenty of great opportunities to get outdoors to get the adrenaline pumping while hunting down the awesome species North Queensland has on offer!

For some serious light gear fishing action, the sweet water mangrove jack are the go-to species. They will give you a challenge on the finesse gear. Accurate casts into structure will unlock these little red devils from the darkness of cover. Using the natural flow of the crystal clear water to allow your presentation to drift past likely looking areas of cover will certainly account for the strikes.

A simple little 1000 size spin reel on a light rod is perfect for this style of fishing. I generally use 5lb Platypus Braid and attach a rod length of 8lb fluorocarbon leader with the FG knot. This combination allows me to cast the smallest presentations into tiny keyholes where the jacks are waiting to attack!

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