As the weather heats up, so does the fishing!
Ryan Smith

Summer is quickly approaching – warmer and longer days are in the near future. November is going to be an excellent month for a variety of species in the southern bay, which include a large number of flathead and bream cruising the flats!

Flathead have been in good numbers recently and have been caught on the last half of the run-out tide around draining flats and creek mouths. Soft plastics have been nailing the flathead and anything around 3-5” will work a treat. My favourite is the Atomic 3” Prong.

Being bottom feeders, flathead require a heavy jighead that can reach the bottom, which is used with soft plastics. Anything between the 1/8-1/2oz size with a hook to match the plastic being used is ideal. When chasing these fish on lures, you need to be able to cover ground. Drifting is a great way to do it. Drift and cast in front of the boat for a very successful technique. This lets you cover a large area.

Bream are in feeding mode after spawning and should be fired up throughout this month. I’ve been targeting them recently on surface lures and am having great success! When chasing bream on the surface, lowlight periods are preferred. During the day can also be very successful.

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