Plenty of options for November
David Green

Spring has seen unseasonably high water temperatures on the grounds off the Gold Coast. There have already been quite a lot of blue marlin and large yellowfin caught on the wide grounds. November should see a further increase in water temperatures to around 24°C. Overall, November is a good month to fish both the Gold Coast estuaries and offshore grounds and there are plenty of options this month.


This month has traditionally been the start of blue marlin season in these waters. If you look at the sea surface temperature charts before heading out, looking for eddies and temperature breaks, you should be able to plan your fishing area before leaving home. In general, I like to work areas between 250-400m. If you see birds and tuna schools, it’s time to put the lures in.

Most of the blue marlin have been around 120-160kg and they’re a great target on stand up 24 and 37kg tackle. The yellowfin have been out a bit wider between the 500 and 1000m lines, and some great fish to 80kg have already been caught.

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